"This is só good. How through absurdism you are brought beyond your own prejudices. Functional absurdism, I didn't know it existed.." //
Johan Roos, poet

// Chejv mej nü j angst is a short movie dealing with difficult subjects. It is a funny documentary, a dreamy filmscape, a sexy videoclip. Chejv mej nü j angst doesn't contain clear answers. The situation of the Slovakian Roma minority is complex, and the movie aims to lightheartedly reflect this complexity. //

Short documentary by Rieneke de Vries & Michiel van de Weerthof, filmed in small Slovakian Roma villages. Part of We Are Citizens, a project concerning Roma in Breda (NL) & Kosice (SK) by Het Makershuis. Part of 2018Eindhoven|Brabant Cultural Capital of Europe - Candidate.

Sowieso // Video by Chris Brans

Navels // Video by Weerthof

Überhaupt (Frietboer & Eigenheimer remix) // Video by R. den Ouden


Omenamehu // The low-budget non-infotainment kid show for adults.

The mega hit from Omenamehu. A linguistically accurate song of universal celebrative nature. Using the International Phonetic Alphabet to create the globally non-understandable party song! //

Big thanks to all the wonderfull participants in the video: Paul Salemink, Diana Ejaita, Jesse Smitskamp, Wendy van den Bos, Lisah Baert, Lonne Gosling, Barbara Knapper, and all the happy people in the DMT-loods. Special thanks to: Theo op ten Berg and Frans Reyner.


It can be quite simple. You hit stones: music. 2 cigarettes tumble on an escalator: dance. 'Arrangementen' is a series of short films about the everyday symphony, in which we sometimes are instrument, sometimes are conductor.

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